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Old 11-07-2002


Last edited by jy2728; 11-13-2002 at 08:53 AM..
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Old 11-07-2002
I corrected some of your errors and it at least will run now...

echo "Welcome To My Phone Book.\n\n"
sleep 2

function main
	while : ; do
		echo "1) Add Phone Number\n2) Add Address\n3) Make a new Phone Book.\n4) Exit\n\n"
		echo "Enter: "
		read choice
		case $choice in
			1) select1;;
			2) select2;;
			3) select3;;
			4) close;;

function select1
    echo "Please Enter the Name: "
    read Name
    echo "Enter the Phone Number: "
    read Number
    echo "Adding To Phone Book..\n"
    sleep 1
       	echo "Added Information.\n"
    	echo "==============================================\n\n" >> phone1.log
    	echo "Name: $Name \n" >>phone1.log
    	echo "Phone Number: $Number\n" >> phone1.log
    	echo "==============================================\n\n" >> phone1.log
    	sleep 2

function select2
	echo"Please Enter the Name: "
    	read Name2 
    	echo "Enter the House Number: "
    	read HouseNumber 
    	echo "Enter the Phone Number: "
    	read PhoneNumber2 
    	echo "Enter the Town/City: "
    	read TownCity 
    		echo "+=========================================+\n" >> phone1.log
    		echo "Name: $Name2 \n" >> phone1.log
    		echo "House Number: $HouseNumber \n" >> phone1.log
    		echo "Phone Number: $PhoneNumber2 \n" >> phone1.log
    		echo "Town/City: $TownCity \n\n" >> phone1.log
    		echo "+=========================================+\n\n" >> phone1.log
    	echo "Adding Information..\n"
    	sleep 1
    	echo "Information Added.\n"
    	sleep 1

function select3
	echo"You only need to Make this once..\n"
    	echo "" >> phone1.log

function close
	echo "Exiting..\n"
    	sleep 1

# we can invoke a function only after we defined it.

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Old 11-07-2002
I will diff compare the above two posts to learn quickly what Perderabo had done!!

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Old 11-07-2002
The code do fix it from keep going to Select1 function but all the code do now is just going in circle in the main function no matter what you enter it just keep going back to ask for choice.
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Old 11-07-2002
remove the loop construct if you don't want the circle...

while : ; do


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Old 11-07-2002
I took out the while loop, it stop going in circle but i still can't get to the function i wanted. eg. I type 2 in the main function it will say
: select2: not found
: function: not found

and it load the next function after the main function

does my code work on your machine, is there something worng with my unix?


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Old 11-07-2002
When I run the program exactly as I posted it, it kinda works. Yes, it loops. But if I select "4" it will exit. If this is news to you, I must now wonder how much of it you actually wrote.

Without the loop, yes you only make one selection. And this this point, the option 4 to simply exit seems rather superfluous.

In either case, when I select option 2, no it doesn't work well, but it certainly finds the function called select2. But that function has at least one bug in the first statement. You need a space after the the "echo".

My guess is that you have introduced other errors. Put it back the way I posted it. It really needs that loop to make sense. Be aware that the script's author intends for you to select the "exit" option to get out. And see if you can take it from there.
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