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Old 11-06-2002
Data simple script but am stuck

hey i am a bit stuck here. i just started work experience and i need to create a simple script which delete all files in a specify folder which are older then 2 days.
Smilie i tried but it never works!!! anyone! i dont know much but unix since i mostly work on NT here but i dont wanna disapoint my boss Smilie
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Old 11-06-2002
Make a search on this forum, it will be greatly rewarding...

Check the man pages for find command or look in the examples at this url -

see if

find yourpath -type f -atime +2 -print

prints the files you want and if it does use this to delete the files...

find yourpath -type f -atime +2 -print | xargs rm -f

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Old 11-06-2002
In this thread , you were a student, now you pretend to be employed? How disgusting.
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