Assigning the return of an fgrep???

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Old 10-03-2002
Assigning the return of an fgrep???

Im haveing a problem with a script that i am currently writing. I am new to scripting and dont know it all that well. I cant use perl so please dont post perl scripts.

The problem is when i try and asign the result of the fgrep to qdetail. It does not seem to like that assignment. any ideas would be great. I have tried it 100 different ways and cant seem to assign that return at all. All the echos on the bottoms are just tests.

echo "\tPlease enter the printer queue you wish to edit>\c"
read qename
echo "QeName:" $qename

qdetail=fgrep $qename ../data/findprinter.dat

echo "Queue Name:"${qdetail#*!}"\n"
echo "Dataport:"${qdetail##~}"\n"
echo "test:"$qdetail"\n"
echo "qdetail:" $qdetail
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Old 10-03-2002

qdetail=fgrep $qename ../data/findprinter.dat


qdetail=`fgrep $qename ../data/findprinter.dat`

(Those are backquotes surrounding the command)
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Old 10-03-2002
Ill try it today and see if that works. I think i might have tried that but who knows. Ive tried about 100 different variations on it now.
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