Perl + pack() + spaceing question

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Old 10-01-2002
Perl + pack() + spaceing question

ok guys and gals at the moment i am perplexed (prolly cuz i been looking at it to long) but here it is.

OS: sol8
perlver: 5.8.0
shell: ksh

answer must be in perl!!

when i use pack() it packs the data at the front of the requested field space. normally it wouldnt be a problem if people followed the standard for EDI but nooooo so now this is my problem. heh

I need it to pack the data from the back.

Here is an example.

i have a number $a=12
I have to manually add ".00" onto it and pack it with spaces to fit in a 12 char field which is then assiged to a variable so i can use it later on.

$c="xxxxxxx12.00" (x represents a space) BUT I CANT FIGURE IT OUT.

        elsif ($_ =~ /^33/ ) {
                $aqty=pack A12, "$jackpot[$COUNT][2].00"; #THIS PACKS IT THE WRONG WAY
                print FILEOUT "$_\n";

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Old 10-02-2002
and the answer lies within

        elsif ($_ =~ /^33/ ) {
                $pad="         $jackpot[$COUNT][2].00";
                $aqty=pack A12, substr($pad,-12,12) ;
                print FILEOUT "$_\n";

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