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Read a file and replace a value- Bourne and Korn shell

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Read a file and replace a value- Bourne and Korn shell
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Old 09-19-2002
Question Read a file and replace a value- Bourne and Korn shell


I have a file called Delete and within the delete file I have the following statement:

delete from employee where employee_id = " "

how do I write a script that read from this file and replace:

employee_id = " " with employee_id is null

Please assist...greatly appreciate it.

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Old 09-20-2002
Re: Read a file and replace a value- Bourne and Korn shell


just type the below at $ prompt :

sed 's/employee_id = \" \"/employee_id is null/g' Delete >

then check file

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Old 09-20-2002
Re: Read a file and replace a value- Bourne and Korn shell

Try :

l_var=`sed -e 's/employee_id = " "/employee_id is null/p' <filename> | head -n 1`

l_var is your string variable
<filename> is the file that contains your sql statement

is that what you were looking for?

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Old 09-20-2002

Thank you everyone for your help.

This is very helpful to me. I will defintely try this.


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