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Old 08-27-2002
Adjust the db script

Enclosing a script that is used everyday for database shutdown. In here you will find some code that checks oracle version.
That part is very unnecessary since we use only 8.1.7 and will never go back.. Can anyone help me by modifying the code, to
never use that part and readjust so script does not fail.. and add more comment lines after the last comment line..

# $Header: 30-may-2000.14:31:09 jboyce Exp $ Copyr (c) 1991 Oracle

# usage: dbshut
# This script is used to shutdown ORACLE from /etc/rc(.local).
# It should ONLY be executed as part of the system boot procedure.

trap 'exit' 1 2 3
T) set -x ;;

# Set path if path not set (if called from /etc/rc)
case $PATH in
"") PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/etc
export PATH ;;

# Loop for every entry in oratab file and and try to shut down
# that ORACLE

cat $ORATAB | while read LINE
case $LINE in
\#*) ;; #comment-line in oratab
# Proceed only if third field is 'Y'.
if [ "`echo $LINE | awk -F: '{print $3}' -`" = "Y" ] ; then
ORACLE_SID=`echo $LINE | awk -F: '{print $1}' -`
if [ "$ORACLE_SID" = '*' ] ; then
# Called programs use same database ID
ORACLE_HOME=`echo $LINE | awk -F: '{print $2}' -`
# Called scripts use same home directory
# Put $ORACLE_HOME/bin into PATH and export.
PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/etc ; export PATH
# add for bug 652997

# See if it is a V6 or V7 database
if [ -f $ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqldba ] ; then
VERSION=`$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqldba command=exit | awk '
/SQL\*DBA: (Release|Version)/ {split($3, V, ".") ;
print V[1]}'`
if [ -f $ORACLE_HOME/bin/svrmgrl ] ; then
SQLDBA="sqlplus /nolog"
case $VERSION in
6) sqldba command=shutdown ;;
connect internal
shutdown immediate

if test $? -eq 0 ; then
echo "Database \"${ORACLE_SID}\" shut down."
echo "Database \"${ORACLE_SID}\" not shut down."
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Old 08-27-2002
To get rid of the check, comment out the lines as follows and move the $SQLDBA << EOF down one.

# case $VERSION in
# 6) sqldba command=shutdown ;;
connect internal
shutdown immediate
# ;;
# esac

You could also comment out the line that sets the VERSION variable (not by would still need to do the comments above).

Leaving it in will not hurt anything. You could have a Version 6 database come up that you want a shutdown script for OR you could change this over (if needed) when you upgrade to version 8 or 9.

If it not broke, don't fix it.
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