how to count characters by line of file ?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting how to count characters by line of file ?
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how to count characters by line of file ?

Hello, Member or professional

need help how to count characters by line of file
Example of the file is here

HTML Code:
I want to count the characters by line of file . The output that I want it to be is this

HTML Code:
cdr20080817164322811681txt = 26 char
cdr20080817164322811txt = 23 char
cdr20080817164322811683txt = 26 char
cdr20080817164322811684txt = 26 char
Is anyone can help me?

# 2  
try this..

cat infile | while read line

count=$(echo $line | wc -c)
echo $line $count

# 3  
perl -nle 'print length' file

# 4  

Thank you all answer
# 5  
ruby -ne 'printf("%s = %s\n", $_.chomp, $_.chomp.length)' < file

awk '{ print $0 " = " length($0) }' file

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