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Old 08-12-2002
Hi Ace_cool
Can you tell me How Ican use tha awk command to get tha data into array

Krishna Sai
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BBHOSTGREP(1)						      General Commands Manual						     BBHOSTGREP(1)

bbhostgrep - pick out lines in bb-hosts SYNOPSIS
bbhostgrep --help bbhostgrep --version bbhostgrep [--noextras] [--test-untagged] [--bbdisp] [--bbnet] TAG [TAG...] DESCRIPTION
bbhostgrep(1) is for use by extension scripts that need to pick out the entries in a bb-hosts file that are relevant to the script. The utility accepts test names as parameters, and will then parse the bb-hosts file and print out the host entries that have at least one of the wanted tests specified. Tags may be given with a trailing asterisk '*', e.g. "bbhostgrep http*" is needed to find all http and https tags. The bbhostgrep utility supports the use of "include" directives inside the bb-hosts file, and will find matching tags in all included files. If the DOWNTIME or SLA tags are used in the bb-hosts(5) file, these are interpreted relative to the current time. bbhostgrep then outputs a "INSIDESLA" or "OUTSIDESLA" tag for easier use by scripts that want to check if the current time is inside or outside the expected uptime window. OPTIONS
--noextras Remove the "testip", "dialup", "INSIDESLA" and "OUTSIDESLA" tags from the output. --test-untagged When using the BBLOCATION environment variable to test only hosts on a particular network segment, bbtest-net will ignore hosts that do not have any "NET:x" tag. So only hosts that have a NET:$BBLOCATION tag will be tested. With this option, hosts with no NET: tag are included in the test, so that all hosts that either have a matching NET: tag, or no NET: tag at all are tested. --no-down[=TESTNAME] bbhostgrep will query the Xymon server for the current status of the "conn" test, and if TESTNAME is specified also for the current state of the specified test. If the status of the "conn" test for a host is non-green, or the status of the TESTNAME test is dis- abled, then this host is ignored and will not be included in the output. This can be used to ignore hosts that are down, or hosts where the custom test is disabled. --bbdisp Search the bb-hosts file following include statements as a BBDISPLAY server would. --bbnet Search the bb-hosts file following include statements as a BBNET server would. EXAMPLE
If your bb-hosts file looks like this # ftp telnet !oracle # oracle # smtp and you have a custom Xymon extension script that performs the "oracle" test, then running "bbhostgrep oracle" would yield # !oracle # oracle so the script can quickly find the hosts that are of interest. Note that the reverse-test modifier - "!oracle" - is included in the output; this also applies to the other test modifiers defined by Xymon (the dialup and always-true modifiers). If your extension scripts use more than one tag, just list all of the interesting tags on the command line. bbhostgrep also supports the "NET:location" tag used by bbtest-net, so if your script performs network checks then it will see only the hosts that are relevant for the test location that the script currently executes on. USE IN EXTENSION SCRIPTS
To integrate bbhostgrep into an existing script, look for the line in the script that grep's in the $BBHOSTS file. Typically it will look somewhat like this: $GREP -i "^[0-9].*#.*TESTNAME" $BBHOSTS | ... code to handle test Instead of the grep, we will use bbhostgrep. It then becomes $BBHOME/bin/bbhostgrep TESTNAME | ... code to handle test which is simpler, less error-prone and more efficient. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
BBLOCATION If set, bbhostgrep outputs only lines from bb-hosts that have a matching NET:$BBLOCATION setting. BBHOSTS Filename for the Xymon bb-hosts(5) file. FILES
$BBHOSTS The Xymon bb-hosts file SEE ALSO
bb-hosts(5), hobbitserver.cfg(5) Xymon Version 4.2.3: 4 Feb 2009 BBHOSTGREP(1)