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Old 06-27-2002
Lightbulb Check query execution to go further

Can any one help with script (Korn) to do following ? Smilie

I have 3 tasks to do in a shell.

Task (1) is executing query which unloads the result into file XYZ.

Before I start Task (2) which is java program and depends on
file XYZ, I need to make sure that Task (1) is completed successfully.

Before I start Task (3) which has to do with emailing file XYZ, I need to make sure Task (1) & (2) run successfully.


[1] How can I check whether my query run successfully or not ?
[2] How can I check that my java program runs successfully and created another file which it supposed to?
[3] How can I check whether email has been sent successfully or not ?

Quick response will be great help !!!
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Old 06-27-2002
See your other thread
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