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Condition checking

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Old 06-21-2002
anyway, england lost....sigh

thanks you all
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Condition checking issue while if

hi, i am using a simple condition end_ct=`sqlplus -s $ORACLE_USER/$ORACLE_PASS@$ORACLE_SID << EOF select description from bravo_statistics where trunc(time_stamp)=trunc(sysdate)-1 and description='END CAT'; EOF` echo $end_ct; echo... (30 Replies)
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Checking for null condition in a UNIX variable

i have this code for i in `cat sql_output.txt` do -- some script commands done sql_output.txt has 1 column with employee_ids If the sql_output.txt is null then the do loop should not execute. How can i implement this. for i in `cat sql_output.txt` If i is null or empty then ... (5 Replies)
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3. Shell Programming and Scripting

Condition checking in UNIX

i have a script where i have to find the age of a file, if then echo "dnb file is present for the monthly load" >> $RUNLOG dnb="1" else echo "dnb file has not arrived yet" > $ERRLOG dnb="0" fi i know the file is available so... (3 Replies)
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Checking file existence along with condition

Hi am trying to write a script which find the existence of a file from a find command output and perform a task if the file exists. Help me out with the correct syntax . Am trying with the following one but unable to get the output. if then <some tasks> else echo "file not exists" fi (5 Replies)
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting

Multiple condition checking in bash

Hi All, I am trying to check if two variables have value assigned to it. i am doing it like if ] then echo "Please specify either single hostname or host file for the report" usage exit fi But its not working for it.Even i specify values for both variables it dont go... (6 Replies)
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create separate file after checking condition..

Problem : I want to create a separate file for country list if condition is true. Please help. ***************************************************** Input file: SV-INCR-139302-365540488-201104090934.sqllog SV-INCR-1082-552793184-201104040805.sqllog SV-INCR-1077-855045741-201104040805.sqllog... (4 Replies)
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Cutting specific line of a file by checking condition

testfile.csv 0","1125209",,"689202CBx18888",,"49",,,"NONMC",,,,,"01112010",,,,,,,"MTM- "1","",,"689202ABx19005",,"49",,,"NONMC",,,,,"01072010",,,,,,,"MTM- testfile.csv looks like above format if the second column is null then get 23rd column and store in a different varible .. add all the... (1 Reply)
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8. Shell Programming and Scripting

Unzip file By checking condition.

Hi.. Gurus I Have a list of .zip files in a directory. I want to check whether each .zip file having some particular file or not (say .jsp) if it's having .Jsp file then create a directory as per the .zip file and extract the content to that directory except the .jsp file, If .zip not having... (3 Replies)
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

sed solution for condition checking

Hi all , Recently i came across this in FAQ's. I have a file cat rem.txt sreedhar 20 sreedhar 10 sreedhar 15 sreedhar 18 sreedhar 16 sreedhar 30 I have to replace sreedhar with "Sridhar" if the second parameter is > 18. I need to do it in "sed" only. I am wondering how this... (4 Replies)
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10. Shell Programming and Scripting

Checking condition inside the loop

Hi all, I have one clarification i am using the loop which will process for each record .suppose there is f ailure in the first record it need to send mail and process the next .my code: defcount=`cat <filename>|wc -l` while ] do if <some condiotion> then echo "mail" fi done so... (1 Reply)
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I3-INPUT(1)							     i3 Manual							       I3-INPUT(1)

i3-input - interactively take a command for i3 window manager SYNOPSIS
i3-input [-s <socket>] [-F <format>] [-l <limit>] [-P <prompt>] [-f <font>] [-v] DESCRIPTION
i3-input is a tool to take commands (or parts of a command) composed by the user, and send it/them to i3. This is useful, for example, for the mark/goto command. You can press Escape to close i3-input without sending any commands. OPTIONS
-s <socket> Specify the path to the i3 IPC socket (it should not be necessary to use this option, i3-input will figure out the path on its own). -F <format> Every occurence of "%s" in the <format> string is replaced by the user input, and the result is sent to i3 as a command. Default value is "%s". -l <limit> Set the maximum allowed length of the user input to <limit> characters. i3-input will automatically issue the command when the user input reaches that length. -P <prompt> Display the <prompt> string in front of user input text field. The prompt string is not included in the user input/command. -f <font> Use the specified X11 core font (use xfontsel to chose a font). -v Show version and exit. EXAMPLES
Mark a container with a single character: i3-input -F 'mark %s' -l 1 -P 'Mark: ' Go to the container marked with above example: i3-input -F '[con_mark="%s"] focus' -l 1 -P 'Go to: ' ENVIRONMENT
I3SOCK i3-input handles the different sources of socket paths in the following order: o I3SOCK environment variable o I3SOCK gets overwritten by the -s parameter, if specified o if neither are available, i3-input reads the socket path from the X11 property, which is the recommended way o if everything fails, i3-input tries /tmp/i3-ipc.sock The socket path is necessary to connect to i3 and actually issue the command. SEE ALSO
i3(1) AUTHOR
Michael Stapelberg and contributors i3 4.1.2 01/01/2013 I3-INPUT(1)

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