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Condition checking

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Old 06-21-2002
anyway, england lost....sigh

thanks you all

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hi, i am using a simple condition end_ct=`sqlplus -s $ORACLE_USER/$ORACLE_PASS@$ORACLE_SID << EOF select description from bravo_statistics where trunc(time_stamp)=trunc(sysdate)-1 and description='END CAT'; EOF` echo $end_ct; echo... (30 Replies)
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Condition checking in UNIX

i have a script where i have to find the age of a file, if then echo "dnb file is present for the monthly load" >> $RUNLOG dnb="1" else echo "dnb file has not arrived yet" > $ERRLOG dnb="0" fi i know the file is available so... (3 Replies)
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Checking file existence along with condition

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Multiple condition checking in bash

Hi All, I am trying to check if two variables have value assigned to it. i am doing it like if ] then echo "Please specify either single hostname or host file for the report" usage exit fi But its not working for it.Even i specify values for both variables it dont go... (6 Replies)
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Problem : I want to create a separate file for country list if condition is true. Please help. ***************************************************** Input file: SV-INCR-139302-365540488-201104090934.sqllog SV-INCR-1082-552793184-201104040805.sqllog SV-INCR-1077-855045741-201104040805.sqllog... (4 Replies)
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Cutting specific line of a file by checking condition

testfile.csv 0","1125209",,"689202CBx18888",,"49",,,"NONMC",,,,,"01112010",,,,,,,"MTM- "1","",,"689202ABx19005",,"49",,,"NONMC",,,,,"01072010",,,,,,,"MTM- testfile.csv looks like above format if the second column is null then get 23rd column and store in a different varible .. add all the... (1 Reply)
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Unzip file By checking condition.

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sed solution for condition checking

Hi all , Recently i came across this in FAQ's. I have a file cat rem.txt sreedhar 20 sreedhar 10 sreedhar 15 sreedhar 18 sreedhar 16 sreedhar 30 I have to replace sreedhar with "Sridhar" if the second parameter is > 18. I need to do it in "sed" only. I am wondering how this... (4 Replies)
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Checking condition inside the loop

Hi all, I have one clarification i am using the loop which will process for each record .suppose there is f ailure in the first record it need to send mail and process the next .my code: defcount=`cat <filename>|wc -l` while ] do if <some condiotion> then echo "mail" fi done so... (1 Reply)
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thai/thinp.h(3) 						      libthai							   thai/thinp.h(3)

thai/thinp.h - Thai string input sequence filtering. SYNOPSIS
Data Structures struct thinpconv_t Input sequence correction info. Enumerations enum thstrict_t { ISC_PASSTHROUGH = 0, ISC_BASICCHECK = 1, ISC_STRICT = 2 } Strictness of input sequence checking, according to WTT 2.0. Functions int th_isaccept (thchar_t c1, thchar_t c2, thstrict_t s) Check for acceptance of input sequence. int th_validate (struct thcell_t context, thchar_t c, struct thinpconv_t *conv) Check and try to correct input sequence. Detailed Description Thai string input sequence filtering. Enumeration Type Documentation enum thstrict_t Strictness of input sequence checking, according to WTT 2.0. Enumerator ISC_PASSTHROUGH No check ISC_BASICCHECK Basic check ISC_STRICT Strict check Function Documentation int th_isaccept (thchar_tc1, thchar_tc2, thstrict_ts) Check for acceptance of input sequence. Parameters: c1 : previous character c2 : the newly input character s : strictness level Returns: non-zero if accepted, 0 otherwise Checks if, according to WTT 2.0 strictness level s, c2 is allowed after c1. int th_validate (struct thcell_tcontext, thchar_tc, struct thinpconv_t *conv) Check and try to correct input sequence. Parameters: context : previous cell c : the newly input character conv : the storage for resulting correction info Returns: 0 if the input is to be rejected non-zero otherwise. Given the previous cell as context, edit the input buffer using the given input c, maintaining WTT canonical order, and do some convenient correction in conv. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for libthai from the source code. Version 0.1.14 Tue Jun 17 2014 thai/thinp.h(3)

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