how to get the similar function in while loop or for loop

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Old 06-16-2002
how to get the similar function in while loop or for loop

Dear all

How to write the shell script for the following statement:

(C programming)
for (i=0;i<30;i++) {
if i=1
continue *skip this number
(To do function here....)

similar statement in while loop....

I wrote the script in sh shell:

while [ $i -ng 30 ]
if [ $i -eq 1 ]
then continue
(To do function here....)

Unlucky, I can't get the correct result, can anyone help me?

Best regards
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Old 06-17-2002
Something like this should do it

while [ $i -le 30 ]
case $i in
1) echo "skipped"
*) echo $i

i = `expr $i + 1 `
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Old 06-17-2002
You need semicolons to terminate the branches on the case:

1) echo "skipped" ;;
*) echo $i ;;
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Old 06-17-2002
Thanks for your replay and implementation!!!
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