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function return array

array, function, shell scripts

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Old 05-05-2008
function return array

Hi all

I would like to know if there is a way to return an array for a function.
As I know function can return all the contents in an array, I want to return an array type.
# 2  
Old 05-05-2008
What scripting language?
# 3  
Old 05-05-2008
bash shell script
# 4  
Old 05-05-2008
A function can only return a return code, which is a cardinal (positive integer or zero).

However a function can modify an array held in the calling script.

$ cat function_return_array

function myarray()



echo ${a[1]}
echo ${a[2]}
echo ${a[3]}
$ ./function_return_array

# 5  
Old 05-05-2008
so the array seems act as a globle variable,right?
if a function is called several times in the script, then I need to store it in another array before calling it again, right?
# 6  
Old 05-05-2008
That's correct.
# 7  
Old 05-06-2008
then I have another issue. how to assign an array value to another one i.e. clone?
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