problem with array=($(find ....)

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Old 02-27-2008
problem with array=($(find ....)


I get a *.dat files list in an array using:

array=($(find . -name "*.dat"))

the problem is that when a filename contains spaces, each space-separated token of the filename is in a different element of array.

For instance if I have:

x@x:~/tmp$ ls *.dat
test1.dat  test 2.dat  test3.dat

I got:

array=($(find . -name "*.dat"))
x@x:~/tmp$ echo ${array[0]}
x@x:~/tmp$ echo ${array[1]}
x@x:~/tmp$ echo ${array[2]}
x@x:~/tmp$ echo ${array[3]}

how can I get complete filenames in my array?

thank you

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Old 02-27-2008
Just set the Internal Field Separator as the newline character before creating the array:


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