Find duplicate value comparing 2 files and create an output

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Old 02-26-2008
Find duplicate value comparing 2 files and create an output

I need a perl script which will create an output file after comparing two diff file in a directory path:

File Format: <IP>TAB<DeviceName><TAB>DESCRIPTIONS



If IP and Device name both are match on both file1 and file2 then Out put file would say “duplicate IP and device found”. If just duplicate IP and or device found the output file will indicate “duplicate IP found” or “duplicate device found”

I don't care 3rd column; the script will look for match in 1st and/or 2nd column and must not ignore IP which has "#" in front of it.


Duplicate IP and device found:<tab>abc123def

Duplicate IP Found:

Duplicate Device found

Thank you very much. btw, this is not a home work.
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Old 02-26-2008
try awk:
awk ' FILENAME=="file1" { arr[$1 $2]=$1 " " $2; arrip[$1]=$1; arrdev[$2]=$2
      FILENAME=="file2" {
         if($1 ~ /^#/) {$1=substr($1,2)}
      	 if(arr[$1 $2]> " ") { print "Duplicate ip and device found", arr[$1 $2]
      	 if(arrip[$1]>" ") {print "Duplicate ip found",arrip[$1]
      	 if(arrdev[$2]>" ") {print "Duplicate device found", arrdev[$2]}
      ' file1 file2

Output based on your files:
csadev:/home/jmcnama> t.awk
Duplicate ip and device found abc123def
Duplicate device found abc345def
Duplicate ip found
Duplicate ip found
Duplicate device found abc009def
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Old 02-26-2008
Find duplicate value comparing 2 files and create an output

Thanks, but I am facing complicated situation.
There are multiple files:

2. finename.abcnnxyz

So the scripts needs to compare files with finename.abcnnxyz files.

In other works, compare all files with finename.abcnnxyz look for duplciates. There are 15/20 diff type of files and may be 10/15 finename.abcnnxyz of files.

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