html problem: get file name dialog exists?

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Old 02-25-2008
html problem: get file name dialog exists?


I wonder whether if we have a open file dialog as (in gtk+) in html. I know that a submit-type form (such as <input value="Add File" type="submit">) opens such dialog, but it -naturally- tries to submit the file chosen. I only want to find out the file name, not upload it.

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Prima::StdDlg(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					  Prima::StdDlg(3)

Prima::StdDlg - wrapper module to the toolkit standard dialogs DESCRIPTION
Provides a unified access to the toolkit dialogs, so there is no need to "use" the corresponding module explicitly. SYNOPSIS
use Prima::StdDlg; Prima::FileDialog-> create-> execute; Prima::FontDialog-> create-> execute; # open standard file open dialog my $file = Prima::open_file; print "You've selected: $file " if defined $file; API
The module accesses the following dialog classes: Prima::open_file Invokes standard file open dialog and return the selected file(s). Uses system-specific standard file open dialog, if available. Prima::save_file Invokes standard file save dialog and return the selected file(s). Uses system-specific standard file save dialog, if available. Prima::OpenDialog File open dialog. See "Prima::OpenDialog" in Prima::FileDialog Prima::SaveDialog File save dialog. See "Prima::SaveDialog" in Prima::FileDialog Prima::ChDirDialog Directory change dialog. See "Prima::ChDirDialog" in Prima::FileDialog Prima::FontDialog Font selection dialog. See Prima::FontDialog. Prima::FindDialog Generic 'find text' dialog. See Prima::EditDialog. Prima::ReplaceDialog Generic 'find and replace text' dialog. See Prima::EditDialog. Prima::PrintSetupDialog Printer selection and setup dialog. See Prima::PrintDialog. Prima::ColorDialog Color selection dialog. See "Prima::ColorDialog" in Prima::ColorDialog. Prima::ImageOpenDialog Image file load dialog. See "Prima::ImageOpenDialog" in Prima::ImageDialog. Prima::ImageSaveDialog Image file save dialog. See "Prima::ImageSaveDialog" in Prima::ImageDialog. AUTHORS
Anton Berezin <>, Dmitry Karasik, <>. SEE ALSO
Prima, Prima::Classes perl v5.14.2 2009-02-24 Prima::StdDlg(3)