Error "Cat Error: Bad Address "

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Old 04-01-2002
Error "Cat Error: Bad Address "

I get an Error when i am trying to edit a file thru shell script.

ERROR IS "cat: write error: Bad address."

I don't get this error everytime i run the shell script.
Any idea ??

Here is the piece of code:

echo "Attempting to edit ${ProbeRuleFile}"
if [ -f ${ProbeRuleFile} ]
cp ${ProbeRuleFile} ${ProbeRuleFile}.${datestamp}
sleep 5

INSERT13="include \"\/opt\/Omnibus\/probes\/solaris2\/mform_fdf.rules\"!!#!# Here we temporarily
set @Agent, for the above cases"
cat ${ProbeRuleFile} | sed "s/# Here we temporarily.*/${INSERT13}/" | tr '!' '\n' > ${ProbeRuleF

echo "Setting Events Agent"
sleep 5
INSERT14="case \"formation\":! @Agent = \$agent! case \"unix\":"
cat ${ProbeRuleFile} | sed "s/case \"unix\":.*/${INSERT14}/" | tr '!' '\n' > ${ProbeRuleFile}

TEMP_LINE_NU=`grep -n "Details, \"\[0-9\]" ${ProbeRuleFile} | awk -F: '{print $1}'`
echo "line no. ${TEMP_LINE_NU}"
cat ${ProbeRuleFile} | sed "${TEMP_LINE_NU}s/discard/\#discard/" | tr '!' '\n' > ${ProbeRuleFile
echo "done \n"
echo "File: ${ProbeRuleFile} not found!!!"
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Old 04-03-2002
Looks to me (at a glance) like it might have something to do with the way you are manipulating the file then directing it to it's own name.

cat ${ProbeRuleFile} | sed "s/# Here we temporarily.*/${INSERT13}/" | tr '!' '\n' > ${ProbeRuleFile}

Try this line of code by itself - and see what happens. You'll probably end up with an empty file of ${ProbeRuleFile}

This could then ruin the subsequent commands that use this file.

If you want to edit a file (as you are doing with the sed commands) you must rename the file to something else - then you can rename if back to the original.

To verify where the error is occuring - try bits of the script at a time i.e. comment out or remove subsequent steps. Or try the commands directly outside of the script (replacing the variables with the actual names).
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