extract words with even numbr of letters

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Old 02-19-2008
Java extract words with even numbr of letters

Hello All

I need to extract words which are of even number of letters and not greater than 10.

Any help??

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Old 02-19-2008
Show us your input and you expected output.
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Old 02-19-2008
Perhaps something like

tr " " "\n" < file.txt | sed -n -e "/^[[:alpha:]]\{2\}$/p;/^[[:alpha:]]\{4\}$/p;/^[[:alpha:]]\{6\}$/p;/^[[:alpha:]]\{8\}$/p"

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Old 02-19-2008
hacky solution:

 egrep "^..$|^\(..\)$|^......$|^........$" file

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