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Old 02-18-2008
Running scripts in parallel


Iam having the scripts as follows. i jus want to run those in parallel.

main aim is to minimise the time for overall execution of the script.

now out.txt is having 1 lac records.

split -1000 out.txt splitout
ls -A splitout* > filelist.txt

cat filelist.txt | while read fileln 
do $fileln >> parll.nohup &

cat $1 | while read line
nohup grep -h $line filename.txt >> nohup.out       

main aim is to reduce the grep time from the filename.txt. so iam splitting the large file and passin gthe splitted file one by one and running the grep in parallel.

Still it is taking more than 3.5 hours for lac records itself. iam having more than 5 lac records.

so can anybody help me to reduce the time considerably.

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Old 02-18-2008
May I know what you want to do with out.txt?
The core motive behind this excersize?
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Old 02-19-2008
out.txt is a very large file to process

my motive is to quickly process the large file.

so iam using spliting to split the large file and small files have datas(file1) and iam using that data's and greping that line from file2 and writing to an output file.

To quick finish iam using nohup to run this spllited files paralley.

suggesion pls??
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Old 02-20-2008
It would be my pleasure to solve your problem, Smilie
However, just let me know the exact string, you want to search so that I can re-write it for faster processing.
I just want this in simple grep syntax i.e.: -
#grep "String" <filename>
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Old 02-21-2008
out.txt file looks like


filename.txt will be

QWERTYUI1234567890019289661                        287776666666778                        2008-878-398 -                                  62638678                                             37872fwweiiilslvcxmnmn

you can take the 2 scripts from my previous post.
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Old 02-21-2008
out.txt and filename.txt will have records in lacs.
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Old 02-21-2008
Nivas, piping cats will not yeild good performance though...!
google on 'piping cats', you will know why.

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