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Old 02-17-2008
File Permissions (interesting one)

Hello everyone

Have a look into this...

PROBLEM: Suppose we have many user under a group in unix OS and as we all know we can set the mode(rwx) of any file for users(ugo). But can i specify permission at user level that is user1,user2, ...user10 belongs to same group. Now user1 wants to grant permissions only to user2. Can we do this???
MY PROPOSED SOLUTION: To make another group with these two users ie user1 & user2 then we can easily do this by granting permissions at group level. But i think it is not good one because for this we have ask to administrator to create new group...

Can we do this by ourself like with the help of shell programming or some other tools of Unix.

Many Thanks in advance
Lokesh Sharma
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Old 02-17-2008
Unfortunately, for basic Unix, your first solution is the only one. You will have to create a custom group for those users. Fortunately, however, updated versions of Unix have added the concept of Access Control Lists. With them, you can grant user specific permissions on a specific file or directory. Check the documentation for what you are using, to see if Access Control Lists are supported.
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