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Old 03-26-2002
PERL array spacing

lines in:
4,355,384 20,762,557 16,407,173 TOTAL
14,470,261 27,190,250 12,719,989 TOTAL
18,825,645 47,952,807 29,127,162 TOTAL

PERL script:

open(TOTAL,"grepTOTAL /otl/ds_metric/data_files/modem_times|");

$record = join(" ", @total);
$record =~ s/TOTAL//g;
@total2 = split (/\s{2,}/, $record);
print @total2;

gives me this result.

4,355,384 20,762,557 16,407,17314,470,261 27,190,250 12,719,98918,825,645 47,952,807 29,127,16

what im looking for is this:
4,355,384 20,762,557 16,407,173 14,470,261 27,190,250 12,719,989 18,825,645 47,952,807 29,127,162

Difference : there is a space where TOTAL used to be in the latter versioin of the output line.

Ive tried a few different ways to substitue the TOTAL word but everything comes back to having no space between the numbers
in between the TOTAL word (ex: 16,407,17314,470,261 27,190,250 is what i get 16,407,173 14,470,261 27,190,250 is what i want)

can anyone lend me an idea on how to get that space in there while still subbing that TOTAL out easily?

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Old 03-26-2002
its me again..

i have added this :

$total_record = join(" ", @total);
$total_record =~ s/TOTAL//g;
@record2 = split (/\s{1,}/, $total_record);
for (@record2) {
print $_ . "\n";

to the code and it prints out each element out on a new line correctly. then i can run a a print statement that puts each element on the same line.

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Old 07-17-2008
$_=~ tr/TOTAL\n//d;
push(@arr, $_);
print join("",@arr);

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Old 07-17-2008
wow, that was like 6 years ago
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