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test: argument expected

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Old 02-12-2008
I tried sh ./ it showed the same error.
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Old 02-12-2008
if [ -f /etc/passwd ] works fine. So the question is down to why doesn't -e work?

Thanks again
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Old 02-12-2008
Originally Posted by lalelle
if [ -f /etc/passwd ] works fine. So the question is down to why doesn't -e work?

Thanks again
Odd, a non-regular file "ls -l /etc/passwd" should have something differerent from a "-" for the first character (osx/darwin style /private/etc/ type setup?), but at least its not a script problem now Smilie

       -e FILE
              FILE exists

       -f FILE
              FILE exists and is a regular file

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Old 02-12-2008
The -e option to test(1) is not very portable!

According to the Solaris 10 man page for test(1), the -e option is not available for sh(1)

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