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Old 02-08-2008
Cannot run Shell script in PHP


I have written a code for uploading a file onto the server.The code is as follows:

<? if ($_POST[SubmitB] == "Upload File")
if( move_uploaded_file ($_FILES['uploadFile'] ['tmp_name'],$target) )
$tmpsrc = $_FILES['uploadFile'] ['tmp_name'];
echo $tmpsrc."<br>";

//$result = shell_exec(' -e mysql');
//shell_exec('echo $target');
//shell_exec('cat $target');
///shell_exec('sed -e "s/./&,/2" -e "s/./&,/28" $tmpsrc > upload/$outputfile');
//$cmd='sed -e "s/./&,/2" -e "s/./&,/28"';

shell_exec('sudo -u root -S sed -e "s/./&,/2" -e "s/./&,/28" $tmpsrc > upload/$outputfile');

//echo shell_exec("");
//echo "output =".$output."<br>";
echo "cmd =".$cmd."<br>";
echo "result =".$result."<br>";

echo "The file <a href=$target>".$_FILES['uploadedFile']['name']. "</a> has been uploaded";
echo "sorry, there was a problem uploading your file.";

The code above is letting me upload the file onto the server, but I am
running a shell script in it, to allow me to edit that file that I have uploaded..
BUt this code is not letting me edit the file..

Is there any function that I should try ?

Please help!!!!

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Old 02-08-2008
I don't use php, I'm relying on perl instead, but what is the error message, and which line is problematical ? The one in red ? Can't you put some error reporting message and see what the problem is ?
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Old 02-08-2008
The first time you use 'sudo', you have to give the root password ... Smilie

So, I think your script is waiting for the password.

Why do you want to do a 'sudo' ???

NB: "sudo -u root" & "sudo" is the same I think ... Smilie
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