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variables usage without dereferencing

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Old 02-05-2008
variables usage without dereferencing

Hi All,

I came across a bit of code that seems to work, even though I didn't expect it to (now that's wierd!)

set -x
if [ nn -eq 15 ]
echo "is true"

The above code ends up comparing the string "nn" to number 15, but still evaluates to true. Here's the output when i run it :

+ nn=15
+ [ nn -eq 15 ]
+ echo is true
is true

while with [ "$nn" -eq 15 ], I get:

+ nn=15
+ [ 15 -eq 15 ]
+ echo is true
is true

which is what I expect.

By the way, if you assign nn=25 and run test nn -eq 15, it evaluates to false.

Any Ideas how the integer comparison is working without dereferencing the variable? Smilie

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Old 02-06-2008
btw i m using AIX with sh
a friend informs me that apparently the code

if [ nn -eq 15 ]

evaluates to false on solaris 8/sh

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