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Old 02-04-2008
PHP: Sorting HTML table

Hi All,

I have an html table which looks like this:

<table align="center" border="1">
<CAPTION><EM>Heading for Table</EM></CAPTION>
<tr><td>88088283</TD> <TD>87613101</TD> <TD>91065136</TD> <TD>90939184</TD> <TD>357705704</TD> <TD>20080101</TD></TR>
<tr><td>67003875</TD> <TD>0</TD> <TD>68608549</TD> <TD>69344616</TD> <TD>204957040</TD> <TD>20080102</TD></TR>
<tr><td>70445888</TD> <TD>69669279</TD> <TD>72734855</TD> <TD>72698451</TD> <TD>285548473</TD> <TD>20080103</TD></TR>
<tr><td>75203597</TD> <TD>74166049</TD> <TD>77088902</TD> <TD>77553365</TD> <TD>304011913</TD> <TD>20080104</TD></TR>
<tr><td>75407465</TD> <TD>74000577</TD> <TD>77484901</TD> <TD>77722206</TD> <TD>304615149</TD> <TD>20080105</TD></TR>
<tr><td>70941100</TD> <TD>69062434</TD> <TD>72901670</TD> <TD>72736699</TD> <TD>285641903</TD> <TD>20080106</TD></TR>
<tr><td>74969415</TD> <TD>0</TD> <TD>76982435</TD> <TD>77293684</TD> <TD>229245534</TD> <TD>20080107</TD></TR>
<tr><td>73442971</TD> <TD>73491800</TD> <TD>74911504</TD> <TD>75764739</TD> <TD>297611014</TD> <TD>20080108</TD></TR>
<tr><td>72764725</TD> <TD>71652242</TD> <TD>75211152</TD> <TD>75074544</TD> <TD>294702663</TD> <TD>20080109</TD></TR>
<tr><td>73454942</TD> <TD>72505339</TD> <TD>75438966</TD> <TD>75913839</TD> <TD>297313086</TD> <TD>20080110</TD></TR>
<tr><td>79815952</TD> <TD>78689631</TD> <TD>81804681</TD> <TD>82456810</TD> <TD>322767074</TD> <TD>20080111</TD></TR>
<tr><td>79137022</TD> <TD>77709453</TD> <TD>81408526</TD> <TD>81605959</TD> <TD>319860960</TD> <TD>20080112</TD></TR>
<tr><td>69691604</TD> <TD>67968082</TD> <TD>72447070</TD> <TD>71706839</TD> <TD>281813595</TD> <TD>20080113</TD></TR>
<tr><td>73092537</TD> <TD>71841042</TD> <TD>76112287</TD> <TD>75582200</TD> <TD>296628066</TD> <TD>20080114</TD></TR>
<tr><td>72897146</TD> <TD>71747212</TD> <TD>76710776</TD> <TD>75522857</TD> <TD>296877991</TD> <TD>20080115</TD></TR>
<tr><td>72499894</TD> <TD>71322079</TD> <TD>75281052</TD> <TD>75006347</TD> <TD>294109372</TD> <TD>20080116</TD></TR>
<tr><td>0</TD> <TD>71642452</TD> <TD>75376018</TD> <TD>75347595</TD> <TD>222366065</TD> <TD>20080117</TD></TR>
<tr><td>79933449</TD> <TD>78704711</TD> <TD>76057329</TD> <TD>82645397</TD> <TD>317340886</TD> <TD>20080118</TD></TR>
<tr><td>79945569</TD> <TD>78533530</TD> <TD>79942644</TD> <TD>82131093</TD> <TD>320552836</TD> <TD>20080119</TD></TR>
<tr><td>70470436</TD> <TD>68800244</TD> <TD>70395060</TD> <TD>72214793</TD> <TD>281880533</TD> <TD>20080120</TD></TR>
<tr><td>73986480</TD> <TD>72839511</TD> <TD>74564917</TD> <TD>76104712</TD> <TD>297495620</TD> <TD>20080121</TD></TR>
<tr><td>72708987</TD> <TD>71762708</TD> <TD>71699084</TD> <TD>74911976</TD> <TD>291082755</TD> <TD>20080122</TD></TR>
<tr><td>73168024</TD> <TD>72090125</TD> <TD>73763260</TD> <TD>75412861</TD> <TD>294434270</TD> <TD>20080123</TD></TR>
<tr><td>73082636</TD> <TD>71643083</TD> <TD>75830466</TD> <TD>74909740</TD> <TD>295465925</TD> <TD>20080124</TD></TR>
<tr><td>81049767</TD> <TD>79787252</TD> <TD>82878510</TD> <TD>83402036</TD> <TD>327117565</TD> <TD>20080125</TD></TR>
<tr><td>81626016</TD> <TD>80092744</TD> <TD>82719853</TD> <TD>83928822</TD> <TD>328367435</TD> <TD>20080126</TD></TR>
<tr><td>72359198</TD> <TD>70381365</TD> <TD>74486040</TD> <TD>73801431</TD> <TD>291028034</TD> <TD>20080127</TD></TR>
<tr><td>74728557</TD> <TD>73141767</TD> <TD>76848788</TD> <TD>76462084</TD> <TD>301181196</TD> <TD>20080128</TD></TR>
<tr><td>73817203</TD> <TD>72436184</TD> <TD>75661172</TD> <TD>75733184</TD> <TD>297647743</TD> <TD>20080129</TD></TR>
<tr><td>72987373</TD> <TD>71633725</TD> <TD>74167105</TD> <TD>74872419</TD> <TD>293660622</TD> <TD>20080130</TD></TR>
<tr><td>76770354</TD> <TD>75333410</TD> <TD>77886260</TD> <TD>78873473</TD> <TD>308863497</TD> <TD>20080131</TD></TR>

What I need to do is sort the table by the date field - can anybody point me in the right direction?

I'm thinking I need to read the data lines (excluding the table and caption tags - which seems complicated in itself!) into an array and then sort (ksort?) the array?

Thanks in advance,

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Old 02-04-2008
As with all these things as soon as you ask you find the answer yourself Smilie

If anyone is interested the answer is here:

I've had to turn my html table input into a CSV first but that's easy.

Cheers, p.
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