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Old 01-29-2008
It should now remove 6 lines of header at a time ($HEADERSIZE)
If you need to keep the first 6 lines, it's just a matter of changing the header calculation line to:
  } elsif (($linenumber > $HEADERSIZE) && ($linenumber % $PAGESIZE > $HEADERSIZE)) {

It will still remove column 4 from that first header though.
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Old 01-29-2008
It seems like it is removing 6 lines from the top, then counting down 51 lines and removing 6, but as if it shifted the lines up first. I can't really tell but as it goes down the report it is slowly removing data and leaving pieces of the header. I double checked the page size and it is still correct. I am not sure.

The only other problem besides that is when there is nothing else in a line but column 4, that is still showing in what was column 5.

Perhaps it'd be easier if we excluded the first 6 lines from each page? I will see what I can come up with. Thanks alot

It seems like my page size was off, it is 52 not 51. I changed this and it worked for about half of the report. For some reason about half way down it just stopped taking off the headers all together, i am not really sure why. The rest of the report from about half way down is intact and it just does not remove anymore headers. Odd

Any advise welcome. Thank you

As for the header, if it removes the header I am fine with that I will just make a template file to at least put a header at the top of it before it goes to printing, unfortunately I think without keeping the header it may just print and not keep any page breaks (since this will end up on a line printer). So keeping all the headers intact would be nice but regardless removing data from lines may cause the same problem. So it may not be a big deal. Thanks

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Old 01-29-2008
Fixed the problem when dealing with short lines (edited original script again)
If it stopped cutting columns out halfway down, it probably encountered the text that suggests you're into the totals section.

The headersize calculation should work better with >= in it instead of >

This will also allow you to turn off the header removal part by setting HEADERSZE to 0 at the top of the script.
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Old 01-29-2008
Search pattern not terminated at ./testscript line 16.

I will try to find it.

I have tried to find it but i am still not able to find it. I will keep looking for the time being but any help would be appreciated.

Ok i found the error, there appears to have been two. / missing on line 16 and a " on line 17. It runs however it is about the same. I do not see much of a difference. Starting about half way in it does the same thing and it is still not grabbing the lines that do not have anything in the other columns.

It continues pulling out column 4 the entire file after it stops removing headers however and it even pulls column 4 out of the totals section. Any help appreicated.

Thank you again for all the help

Ok this is what I have left that needs to be resolved.

1. syntax errors have been resolved to the best of my abilities.
2. Headers while still being cut into, I can replace the text that is being taken out, so I can deal with that.

Not resolved
1. Totals are still being cut into, it is printing but Column 4 is being taken out of the totals.
2. Column 4 where Columns 1/2/3/5/6 have something is still being printed. If I could get some type of script that could just remove a line if it contains X that would work. Each of the 4 lines under each record that is still printing in column 4 will always start with the same word. Maybe that would be easier?

Thanks again

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Old 01-29-2008
I've tested out the code, (found the same bugs you found and fixed them):
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
while (<>) {
  if (/^Totals$/) {
  if ($intotals) {
    print $_;
  } elsif ($linenumber % $PAGESIZE > $HEADERSIZE) {
    if (/^(.{58}).{27}(.*)$/) {
      print "$1$2\n";
    } elsif (/^(.{58}).{1-27}$/) {
      print "$1\n";
    } else {
      print $_;

I don't see the same behaviour you report.
What does the line that indicates you are entering the totals section look like?
What expression have you used on line 8 to search for this?

Do you want the headers at the top of each page removed still?
If not, change the headersize to 0.
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Old 01-30-2008
I changed the Header Size to 0 - however it still removes Column 4, but I did find a work around using the sed command to fix it. (may not be the easiest but it works).

On line 8 i used "Organization Totals" "Organization" and just "Organ" trying to get it to pick it up (each one by itself). The totals start 13 lines up from the bottom, but it still cuts out column 4 for some reason. The line Organization does contain alot more information besides that, could that be the problem? I just put what the line starts with.

Also it leaving the 4 lines under each record is still the only other thing that it is doing.

I am still not sure why.


Also if it was possible to just add a command in there that said remove all lines that contain "Random Word1", "Random Word2", "Random Word3", and "Random Word 4" None of the sayings in the 4 lines being left behind should ever appear in any other part of this document, that would resolve that issue.

Would just leave the totals area needing to be fixed.

It seems that the 4 lines being left behind do not actually go to the end of the line, it is a columb 4 by itself but they are not the full length of columb 4 because there is not a 5. So on these 4 lines, it starts at 59 but if it is only 10 characters the line would end at 69 instead of 85. Perhaps this is causing the problem?

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Old 01-30-2008
An example speaks more than a thousand words. you can provide some input sample and then describe how you want the output to look like.
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