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Old 01-29-2008
Java Diff. Backup Script Using TAR. Should be simple.

I'm specifically trying to find help or insight on using the --incremental ('-G') option for creating a tar. Please resist the urge to tell me to use --listed-incremental ('-g') option. That's fairly well documented in the GNU tar manual. GNU tar 1.19

This is what the manual does say in section 5.2:
The option --incremental' (-G') .... When used with --create' option, it creates an incremental archive without creating snapshot file. Thus, it is impossible to create several levels of incremental backups with --incremental' option.
What I'm trying to do is write a small backup script that will create one tar file that contains all the changes since a level 0 tar dump of the directory I'm backing up. That way, I save time and resources only backing up new changes. Since I have no interest in creating multiple levels of incremental backups, it seems like the --incremental (-G) option is better suited to my task. And it would be nice not to have to hassle with a snapshot file if it's unnecessary.

Also, it appears that using the -N option isn't recommended for incremental/differential backups. From section 6.8 Operating Only on New Files:
Please Note: --after-date' and --newer-mtime' should not be used for incremental backups. See section Using tar to Perform Incremental Dumps, for proper way of creating incremental backups.
Help is much appreciated.
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