alias a simple ls -l command

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Old 01-23-2008
alias a simple ls -l command

how do I alias the following command:
ls -l |egrep 'drw|dr-|d--|d-w'

The alias command needs single quotes and so does the above command, so this does not work:

alias LSDIR 'ls -l |egrep 'drw|dr-|d--|d-w' '

My problem is how do I get a listing of only directories?
Solaris 8
SUN Ultra 10

Thank you so much!
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Old 01-23-2008
alias lsdir="ls -l |egrep 'drw|dr-|d--|d-w'"

Hope it will work for you
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Old 01-23-2008
Why bother with an alias.

ls -ld

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Old 01-23-2008
ls -ld

thank you bobbydsk, the double quotes was the magic... that works.
I dont know why, but ls -ld does not give me a listing of directories....?
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Old 01-23-2008
how about this
alias lsdir="ls -l |grep ^d"

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