get Hard disk load in .txt file

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Old 01-23-2008
get Hard disk load in .txt file

Hello guys,
i m coming from germany and i am new to all this unix stuff.
i need an pearl script which saves the hard disk load (free space in vg and lv) from a few servers.
The Servers are all in the same network and got their own IP adresses. But the Problem is, that they got different Operrating Systems running (AIX, HP-UX and normal unix).
I think that it is possible over the network and then all the results should be written in a .txt file either each on each local server or all on one central server. The option to get the results bundeled on one server is the best solution that i just want, if it's possible an practicable.

I need this script to make my bill of the hard disk usage.
I got no pearl skills Smilie but some skills in java, which means i am not a total apprentice in coding. :P

thank you for helping
best regards

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Old 02-01-2008
anybody who can help me ?
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