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Old 01-18-2008
my script with sort -u

for i in *.log*
ls $i | sed "s/\.log.*$//" | sort -u >> lls.txt

echo "********************************">>lls.txt


still the sam o/p:

reapeted ones
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Old 01-18-2008
Do u really need a script??

will the following command wont do?

ls -1 *log*|sed -e 's/\.log.*$//'|sort -u

if i dint work then can u elaborate ur requirement pls?
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Old 01-18-2008
yes i need to put in a script.actually i m having some 180 file like this

and i need to do some operation in that and then if any likewise files is working i need to echo that.for example

if any of these file is working



SummaryHandler.log .2

SummaryHandler.log .4

then simply i need to echo SummaryHandler is Running. in my script it is showing that SummaryHandler.log.1 is running ..........if any file likewise is running then i just need the name befor .log part.thats it
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