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Hi I am trying to run CMD that combining EGREP and PERL in multiple files cat *07:00.22-12-13.txt | egrep" NAME| perl -ne 'print if /^sid9/ .. /^!/' " I need the see the NAME and the text from sid9 to ! how can I use the EGERP in parallel to the PERL ? This is one file Qqq... (2 Replies)
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Help with egrep

Hi, I need to search for a exact word in a file and I have a list of allowable values in a list file. I search something like this using egrep -f option: >egrep -f list.txt data.txt New New York NewYork > list.txt file has the allowable value for search and this file can be edited to... (5 Replies)
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i am new to bash or scripting period and had a question about how I could use the egrep command (or if there should be another command to use) to accomplish the following goal. Need to look through the ndm files labeled as S20090709.999 and if I cannot find a specific date then search the archived... (5 Replies)
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help on egrep

HI, I have two files filea, fileeb filea z283110z67 xx65686377 xx654681zz xx652836xx xx653881zz xx65480z11 xx654z5466 xx65510000 xx65670000 xx656z0000 xx656z1822 fileb (3 Replies)
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search ")" with egrep - egrep: syntax error

Hi Guys, we have a shell script which basically query the Database which retrieves huge data and use the data with "egrep" . Now there is some data which contains characters like "abc)" and the same is used like below : "egrep (.+\|GDPRAB16\|GDPR/11702 96 abc)\|$ temp.txt" now while... (7 Replies)
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HI, I want to grep the contents of fileb from filea. filbeb 5x4xxx371x31a43 4x40x037103a049 3x4x003710a0659 4x4x0x371a50912 filbea 5x4xxx371x31a43 3266000225 4x4003266000277 3266000277 4x400326x000499 3266000499 4x4003266000676 3266000676 4x4x0x371a50912 3266000777... (4 Replies)
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what does "egrep """ do ?? Can anyone explain this with an example .. please .. (2 Replies)
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help on egrep

Hi there, How many multiple values can be in egrep for seraching? i am giving more values but i am getting the error like Unknown error. My input in extended to 2nd line. my command is like below. egrep -i -h... (2 Replies)
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egrep help

Hi there, Im having some issues using egrep, I have a text file containing server logs: the user imputs 2 arguments, which are error checked and made into $searchMonth $searchYear respectivley. I then do the grep command: egrep /$searchMonth/ $file | egrep /$searchYear: | wc -l ... (1 Reply)
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10. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Egrep cheat sheet anywhere? Looking for meaning of egrep -c

Hi I've been searching google and have not found what egrep -c means. Does anyone know where I can get a cheat sheet or what that -c means? thanks, Linda (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: leelm
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ZIPGREP(1)                                                    General Commands Manual                                                   ZIPGREP(1)

zipgrep - search files in a ZIP archive for lines matching a pattern SYNOPSIS
zipgrep [egrep_options] pattern file[.zip] [file(s) ...] [-x xfile(s) ...] DESCRIPTION
zipgrep will search files within a ZIP archive for lines matching the given string or pattern. zipgrep is a shell script and requires egrep(1) and unzip(1) to function. Its output is identical to that of egrep(1). ARGUMENTS
pattern The pattern to be located within a ZIP archive. Any string or regular expression accepted by egrep(1) may be used. file[.zip] Path of the ZIP archive. (Wildcard expressions for the ZIP archive name are not supported.) If the literal filename is not found, the suffix .zip is appended. Note that self-extracting ZIP files are supported, as with any other ZIP archive; just specify the .exe suffix (if any) explicitly. [file(s)] An optional list of archive members to be processed, separated by spaces. If no member files are specified, all members of the ZIP archive are searched. Regular expressions (wildcards) may be used to match multiple members: * matches a sequence of 0 or more characters ? matches exactly 1 character [...] matches any single character found inside the brackets; ranges are specified by a beginning character, a hyphen, and an end- ing character. If an exclamation point or a caret (`!' or `^') follows the left bracket, then the range of characters within the brackets is complemented (that is, anything except the characters inside the brackets is considered a match). (Be sure to quote any character that might otherwise be interpreted or modified by the operating system.) [-x xfile(s)] An optional list of archive members to be excluded from processing. Since wildcard characters match directory separators (`/'), this option may be used to exclude any files that are in subdirectories. For example, ``zipgrep grumpy foo *.[ch] -x */*'' would search for the string ``grumpy'' in all C source files in the main directory of the ``foo'' archive, but none in any subdirectories. Without the -x option, all C source files in all directories within the zipfile would be searched. OPTIONS
All options prior to the ZIP archive filename are passed to egrep(1). SEE ALSO
egrep(1), unzip(1), zip(1), funzip(1), zipcloak(1), zipinfo(1), zipnote(1), zipsplit(1) URL
The Info-ZIP home page is currently at or . AUTHORS
zipgrep was written by Jean-loup Gailly. Info-ZIP 20 April 2009 ZIPGREP(1)