How to script wget in bash?

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Old 12-25-2007
How to script wget in bash?

The script below is giving me grief! The error message says

/download.bash: line 16: syntax error near unexpected token `else'
./download.bash: line 16: `else wget ""

I think it must be a problem with the special characters in the URL. Can some make this script work?

# Begin commands to execute this file using bash with bash
# chmod +x download.bash
# ./download.bash
# End commands to execute this file using bash with bash
# $Log: download.bash,v $
# Revision 1.1  2007/12/25 05:48:31  Administrator
# Initial revision
if [ -e ]
echo "already got"
else wget ""

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Old 12-25-2007
Works for me. Possibly a control character showed up when you copied the URL. Copy your forum text into a new script to see.
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