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Old 12-20-2007
AIX , unix ftp to windows desktop

Hi guys,

i want to know if i can make a script to ftp or sftp files from the unix box to my windows desktop or c: drive.

I log into the server through Putty, once in the server i run a script which makes a file called disk.log every 30 minutes. i then have to manually copy it to the computer im on. is there a way to get the unix box to ftp the file every 30 mins by itself .

eg ftp the file disk.log from /home/jb1/ to c:\

many thanks

ps i normally use ksh and im on aix
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Old 12-20-2007
Originally Posted by hassanj
i want to know if i can make a script to ftp or sftp files from the unix box to my windows desktop or c: drive.
There are various FTP servers available for windows, some better than others.

An SSHD for Windows is a different kettle of fish. Try Cygwin.
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Old 12-20-2007
In which direction do you want to transfer the files?
unix --> windows
windows --> unix

in both cases you can use a text file to store IP, username, password and commands to execute, for example a put :
user admin password
put file1

and invoke this file from the command line:
ftp -n < ftpput.txt ==> from unix to win
ftp -s:ftpput.txt ==> from win to unix

Hope this helps
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