What to do when mtime doesn't work?

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Old 12-17-2007
The pre-touch file method.

1. Manually create a file older than the last unretrieved file using "touch -t"

touch -t <MMDDhhmm> my_old_touch_file

touch my_new_touch_file
find . -type f -newer my_old_touch_file \! -newer my_new_touch_file  | cpio ....
mv my_new_touch_file my_old_touch_file

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Old 12-17-2007
Ok, let me take a shot at this

If I understand the problem correctly, you only want to copy new files.

1). Manualy do a list of your directory and direct it to a file.
ls > filelist.txt
2). In your script, replace the find with this.
ls > filelist_new.txt
**** The below should appear in a loop
diff filelist.txt filelist_new.txt | grep -v 'file2' | grep '>' | awk ' { print $2} '
for FileToCopy in `diff filelist.txt filelist_new.txt | grep -v 'filelist_new.txt' | grep '>' | awk ' { print $2} '`
cp $FileToCopy <where ever it goes.
cp filelist_new.txt filelist.txt

Every time you run that script, you will only pick up new filers.

;o), I only tested the diff part of this script. But, it should work. This is sh shell scripting and not bash.

If your moving files, after I think about all the posts... This wont work, and I appoligize for the dumb post.

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Old 12-18-2007
Not moving files, copying them to another location for pickup by another script.

These are good guys! I'm starting to love this forum Smilie
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Old 12-18-2007
your other option is rsync. that's an excellent tool that allows you an unbelievable amount of control.
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Old 03-17-2009
Alternative for -mmin in SunOS

Hi can some one tell me the alternative for
-mmin command?
Its not working in SunOS

"find . -mmin -30". This works in other machines but not in SunOS.

Please help

Robin Paulose
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Old 03-17-2009
-mmin -30 means 30 or less minutes.
Use touch to set an mtime on a dummy file - the mtime being 30 minutes ago.
touch -t 200903170800 dummy
find . -type f -newer dummy

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