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Old 12-15-2007
input text into file

hello everyone,

this is my first time posting here so be nice ;-)

I am a bit new at unix scripting and have basically been hacking other peoples scripts to get them to do what I need. I have now hit a bit of a stop. This problem is very basic but I can't just seem to figure out how to get around it.

And so to the problem. Basically I have an application that can interact with a unix prompt. at any one time it can send one command to the unix and return the output. What I need is to read a few lines of text into a file and for the prompt to return the file name for me. This file will be used at a later point so the file name must be random (pretty random). I was going to use the $$ as the file name. the life of this file will be short but if I use a fixed file name there is a chance it will be used by another process (running the same script at the same time).

so basically what I need help with is generating a script file that will take some text in (one or more lines various lenghts) place them in a file and return the file name.

If anyone could help me that would be great.


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Old 12-15-2007
i think the following will do

"run your command"> $MYFILE
echo "My new file is $MYFILE"

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