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Old 12-13-2007
Help deciphering FTP get perl script

I found this very useful perl script that will check a remote ftp server, search for files of a specific time and get them. When I run the script it works, but it gave me the following error:

Couldn't get filename_12-13-07.txt Bad file number

What in this script would cause this? I know nothing about perl.

use Net::FTP;
$date=shift @ARGV;
@months=qw(null Jan Feb Mar Apr My Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec);

foreach(@months) {
# we need this hash later

if (not $date) {
$now -= (24 * 3600 );
# yesterday
print "Using $date\n";


# need $nowyr later

($month,$day,$year)=split /\//,$date;

# broken next century - blame me then
$year+=2000 if $year < 100;

foreach (@hosts) {
$ftp=Net::FTP->new($_,Timeout=>240) or $newerr=1;
push @ERRORS, "Can't ftp to $_: $!\n" if $newerr;
next if $newerr;
print "Connected $_\n";

$ftp->login($logins[$x],$passwords[$x]) or $newerr=1;
push @ERRORS, "Can't login to $_: $!\n" if $newerr;
$ftp->quit if $newerr;
next if $newerr;
print "Logged in $_\n";

$ftp->cwd($dirs[$x]) or $newerr=1;
push @ERRORS, "Can't cd $dirs[$x] on $_ $!\n" if $newerr;
$ftp->quit if $newerr;
next if $newerr;
print "Getting file list $_\n";

@files=$ftp->dir or $newerr=1;
push @ERRORS, "Can't get file list on $_ $!\n" if $newerr;
$ftp->quit if $newerr;
next if $newerr;
print "Got list $_\n";

print "Looking for $date $time\n";
foreach(@files) {
s/ */ /g;
s/^ *//g;
@stuff=split / /;
# if it's today, the year slot will have time instead
# so make it this year
$stuff[2]=$nowyr if /:/;

$ftp->quit if ($stuff[2] < $year);
next if ($stuff[2] < $year);
$ftp->quit if ($months{$stuff[0]} < $month and $stuff[2] == $year);
next if ($months{$stuff[0]} < $month and $stuff[2] == $year);
$ftp->quit if ($stuff[0] < $day and $stuff[2] == $year and $months{$stuff[0]} == $month);
next if ($stuff[1] < $day and $stuff[2] == $year and $months{$stuff[0]} == $month);

print "Getting $_\n";
$ftp->get($stuff[3],$stuff[3]) or $newerr=1;
push @ERRORS, "Couldn't get $stuff[3] $!\n" if $newerr;



print @ERRORS;
exit 0;
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Old 12-13-2007
This looks like an error from the ftpd to me.
What happens if you manually try to ftp over and get that file?
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Old 01-23-2008
You're right I guess it was an error. I tried to run the script again and I'm getting just looking for 1/22/08. This is not what I need. I need a script that will:

1. Connect and Log into a remote FTP Server
2. Look for the latest file called "This_Sample_File_01-22-08.txt"
3. Change directories on my local box to /this/dir/for/file This_Sample_File_01-22-08.txt
4. Get the file "This_Sample_File_01-22-08.txt"
5. Close the connection.
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