Is the script correct ???

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Old 12-13-2007
Is the script correct ???

Dear Collegues is the below given is correct ?

$a = @ARGV[0];
while ($a = @ARGV) {
exec "./jagan ../dat/ml_in @ARGV[0]";


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Apache::TestMM - Provide MakeMaker Wrapper Methods SYNOPSIS
require Apache::TestMM; # import MY::test and MY::clean overrides for MM Apache::TestMM->import(qw(test clean)); # parse command line args Apache::TestMM::filter_args(); # autogenerate the script Apache::TestMM::generate_script('t/TEST'); DESCRIPTION
"Apache::TestMM" provides wrappers for the "ExtUtils::MakeMaker" craft, making it easier to extend the autogenerated Makefile with "Apache::Test". FUNCTIONS
"import" use Apache::TestMM qw(test clean); or: Apache::TestMM->import(qw(test clean)); Imports "MY::" overrides for the default "ExtUtils::MakeMaker" test and clean targets, as if you have defined: sub MY::test {...} sub MY::clean {...} in Makefile.PL. "Apache::TestMM" does this for you so that these Makefile targets will run the Apache server and the tests for it, and clean up after its mess. "filter_args" push @ARGV, '-apxs', $apxs_path; Apache::TestMM::filter_args(); WriteMakefile(...); When "WriteMakefile()" is called it parses @ARGV, hoping to find special options like "PREFIX=/home/stas/perl". "Apache::Test" accepts a lot of configuration options of its own. When "Apache::TestMM::filter_args()" is called, it removes any "Apache::Test"-specific options from @ARGV and stores them internally, so when "WriteMakefile()" is called they aren't in @ARGV and thus won't be processed by "WriteMakefile()". The options can be set when Makefile.PL is called: % perl Makefile.PL -apxs /path/to/apxs Or you can push them manually to @ARGV from the code: push @ARGV, '-apxs', $apxs_path; When: Apache::TestMM::generate_script('t/TEST'); is called, "Apache::Test"-specific options extracted by "Apache::TestMM::filter_args()" are written to the autogenerated file. In our example, the autogenerated t/TEST will include: %Apache::TestConfig::Argv = qw(apxs /path/to/apxs); which is going to be used by the "Apache::Test" runtime. The other frequently used options are: "-httpd", telling where to find the httpd (usually when the "-apxs" option is not used), "-libmodperl" to use a specific mod_perl shared object (if your mod_perl is built as DSO), "-maxclients" to change the default number of the configured "MaxClients" directive, "-port" to start the server on a specific port, etc. To get the complete list of available configuration options and their purpose and syntax, run: % perl -MApache::TestConfig -le 'Apache::TestConfig::usage()' You may wish to document some of these in your application's README file, especially the "-apxs" and "-httpd" options. "generate_script" Apache::TestMM::generate_script('t/TEST'); "generate_script()" accepts the name of the script to generate and will look for a template with the same name and suffix .PL. So in our example it'll look for t/TEST.PL. The autogenerated script t/TEST will include the contents of t/TEST.PL, and special directives, including any configuration options passed via "filter_args()" called from Makefile.PL, special fixup code, etc. perl v5.16.2 2011-02-07 Apache::TestMM(3)