Print out loop index on the console after executing each sybase DB query

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Old 12-13-2007
Print out loop index on the console after executing each sybase DB query

Hello Guys,

Well, using shell script, I'm doing loop on DB query as below:

isql -Usa -Ptest -I /opt/sybase/interfaces << EOF
use testdb
declare @i int
select @i = 1
while(@i <= 5)
Insert into TEST values (@i,"Test","TestDesc")
select @i = @i + 1

The Issue here, that i want to print out the index on the console for each loop after the insertion has been done, or redirect the indexs to a file.

Ex: echo "Row @i has been inserted"

But i tried to put this echo after the insertion, but gave me error, any advice !!!!

Tha idea behind that, i want to know what indexes have been inserted successfully !!!

- Ala'eddin
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Old 12-13-2007
Hey Guys, any Advice please .... !!!!
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Old 12-16-2007
Hey Guys, please help in That .... !!!
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