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Old 12-11-2007
Simple Menu and coding

I am very new to Unix and don't know much about it. I've been trying to create a menu and what I don't understand is how to execute a command once a user makes a selection. I have the menu set up. In fact, the following is the code that I have thus far:

#! /bin/csh
# This is the UNIX menu script file that is for the menu.


Menu of Options

1. Display all files in a user's home directory
2. Welcome yourself to the program
3. Display System Information
4. Exit back to Windows

echo Please enter your choice:
read option

case $option

I'm stuck at this point. What I am SPECIFICALLY looking for in option 1 is code that will prompt a user to enter another user's name and will then pull up that user's home directory. If the user does NOT enter anything, then their own home directory is displayed. What is the EXACT code that would accomplish this? Examples haven't helped me. Oh how batch files are much easier. I'm looking for the exact coding!!!

In option 2 I have to prompt the user to enter his or her name, and produce the following: Hello <person's name.>

I am desparate for help with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And again, I'm looking for EXACT code, not examples. Thank you.Smilie
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Widgets::Menu(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					Widgets::Menu(3pm)

Curses::Widgets::Menu - Menu Widgets MODULE VERSION
$Id:,v 1.103 2002/11/14 01:26:34 corliss Exp corliss $ SYNOPSIS
use Curses::Widgets::Menu; $menu = Curses::Widgets::Menu->new({ COLUMNS => 10, INPUTFUNC => &scankey, FOREGROUND => undef, BACKGROUND => 'black', FOCUSSWITCH => " ", X => 1, Y => 1, MENUS => { MENUORDER => [qw(File)], File => { ITEMORDER => [qw(Save Quit)], Save => &Save, Quit => &Quit, }, CURSORPOS => 'File', BORDER => 1, }); $menu->draw($mwh, 1); $menu->execute; See the Curses::Widgets pod for other methods. REQUIREMENTS
Curses Curses::Widgets Curses::Widgets::ListBox DESCRIPTION
Curses::Widgets::Menu provides simplified OO access to menus. Each item in a menu can be tied to a subroutine reference which is called when selected. METHODS
new (inherited from Curses::Widgets) $menu = Curses::Widgets::Menu->new({ INPUTFUNC => &scankey, FOREGROUND => undef, BACKGROUND => 'black', FOCUSSWITCH => " ", MENUS => { MENUORDER => [qw(File)], File => { ITEMORDER => [qw(Save Quit)], Save => &Save, Quit => &Quit, }, CURSORPOS => 'File', BORDER => 1, }); The new method instantiates a new Menu object. The only mandatory key/value pairs in the configuration hash are X and Y. All others have the following defaults: Key Default Description ============================================================ INPUTFUNC &scankey Function to use to scan for keystrokes FOREGROUND undef Default foreground colour BACKGROUND 'black' Default background colour FOCUSSWITCH " " Characters which signify end of input MENUS {} Menu structure CURSORPOS '' Current position of the cursor BORDER 0 Avoid window borders The MENUS option is a hash of hashes, with each hash a separate menu, and the constituent hashes being a Entry/Function pairs. Each hash requires a special key/value pair that determines the order of the items when displayed. Each item is separated by two spaces. draw $menu->draw($mwh, 1); The draw method renders the menu in its current state. This requires a valid handle to a curses window in which it will render itself. The optional second argument, if true, will cause the selection cursor to be rendered as well. popup $menu->popup; This method causes the menu to be displayed. Since, theoretically, the menu should never be seen unless it's being actively used, we will always assume that we need to draw a cursor on the list as well. execute $menu->execute; This method acts like the standard Curses::Widgets method of the same name, with the exception being that selection of any menu item will also cause it to exit (having already called the associated item subroutine). HISTORY
2002/10/17 -- First implementation AUTHOR
/COPYRIGHT (c) 2001 Arthur Corliss ( perl v5.8.8 2006-09-14 Widgets::Menu(3pm)