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get text between two special rows ?(awk or sed)?

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting get text between two special rows ?(awk or sed)?
# 8  
Old 12-06-2007
Hm ..., perhaps I've missed something,
not elegant solution Smilie:

awk '/^---/{c++}/constant/{c=0}/constant/,c==2' filename

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Old 12-06-2007
Originally Posted by radoulov
Hm ..., perhaps I've missed something,
not elegant solution Smilie:

awk '/^---/{c++}/constant/{c=0}/constant/,c==2' filename

good idea, radoulov - nice!
# 10  
Old 12-06-2007
awk '{ if ( $0 ~ "constant string" ) { find=1; getline tmp; print  } if ( find && tmp !~ $0 ) { print tmp; last } }' filename

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Old 12-06-2007
Modified a bit:

awk '/^---/{c++}/constant/{c=0}!c,c==2' c=1  filename

# 12  
Old 12-07-2007

Thanks a lot to all,

I believe that awk seemed to be very powerful and complex.
So I've searched for further informations:
[Chapter 7] 7.3 Awk's Programming Model

When I've understood your examples, especialy from radoulov I will be able to solve my problem

Thanks and best regards,
# 13  
Old 12-07-2007
Hy radoulov,

you script works very fine, but what does



thanks, Eric
# 14  
Old 12-07-2007
In Awk:

pat1, pat2

A pair of patterns separated by a comma, specifying a range of records.
Print the records from the one where c is not true (!c): c equals 0 (the records with your constant string, because of this code:


), to where c equals 2.
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