How Can I Make Subdirectories In A Directory?

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Old 12-04-2007
thanks for that extra information, most appreciatedSmilie
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recursive copy into a directory and all its subdirectories...

I want to copy a file from the top directory into all the sub-folders and all of the sub-folders of those sub-folder etc. Does anyone have any idea how to do this? Thanks in advance of any help you can give. (3 Replies)
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Find files only in current directory...not subdirectories

Hi, I have to find files only in the current directory...not in the sub directories. But when I use Find command ... it searches all the files in the current directory as well as in the subdirectories. I am using AIX-UNIX machine.Please help..I tried to use maxdepth..but it is not working in AIX. (2 Replies)
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Copying subdirectories of a directory to some other directory and renaming them

Hi, I am a newbie in shell scripting. I have to copy a particular sub-directory (data) from a large no. of directories (all in the same folder) and paste them to another directory ( /home/hubble/data ) and then rename all the subdirectories (data) as the name of its parent directory. please... (8 Replies)
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Find directory name while traversing subdirectories

Hi, I have a parent directory in which I have sub directories of different depth /usr/usr1/user2/671 /usr/usr1/672 /usr/user2/user1/673 /usr/user2/user3/user4/674 And I need the names of all the directories that which starts only with 6 in a file. Thanks, (12 Replies)
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Bash: Gzip files in Directory and itīs Subdirectories

Hello dear Community, I have a task to wrtie a script which will gzip not zipped files in a directory and itīs subdirectories. I succeeded in gzippung the directory but not the subdirectories: #/bin/bash #go to the directory where to zip cd $1 #Zip unzipped files for i in `ls | xargs... (2 Replies)
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How to remove directory with subdirectories and files?

I'm trying to remove several directories which contains sun-dirs and files inside. I used the command rm -r <dirname> But, it always ask "examine file in directory <dirname> yes/no?" line by line. So, i need to write "y" for every line. How can i skip this step and remove all directories with... (9 Replies)
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search files in a directory and its subdirectories

Hello my friends, I need to write a simple shell bad file :D that search and delete a file it's name 'Microsoft.txt' in the current directory and its subdirectories? So can you help to guide me how i can write this shell, Just give me the beginning :o thank you. (1 Reply)
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Problem with changing directory and subdirectories to read only

I have a directory with its subdirectories and files. I want to change them all to read only. Say it is ~/test chmod -R 444 ~/test chmod: `/home/myname/test': permission denied I do not understand. Do I have to have executable mode for a diirectory to access. How can I change ~/test to... (5 Replies)
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makefiles in a directory and subdirectories

I need to develop a makefile that spans across directories. For example, let's say i have an upper level directory (main) and about 2 subdirectories. I want my .cpp files and .o files to be in one subdirectory. I want my .a files to be in the other subdirectory. The .a files are made up of the... (0 Replies)
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ATF-SH(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 ATF-SH(1)

atf-sh [-s shell] -- interpreter for shell-based test programs SYNOPSIS
atf-sh script DESCRIPTION
atf-sh is an interpreter that runs the test program given in script after loading the atf-sh(3) library. atf-sh is not a real interpreter though: it is just a wrapper around the system-wide shell defined by ATF_SHELL. atf-sh executes the inter- preter, loads the atf-sh(3) library and then runs the script. You must consider atf-sh to be a POSIX shell by default and thus should not use any non-standard extensions. The following options are available: -s shell Specifies the shell to use instead of the value provided by ATF_SHELL. ENVIRONMENT
ATF_LIBEXECDIR Overrides the builtin directory where atf-sh is located. Should not be overridden other than for testing purposes. ATF_PKGDATADIR Overrides the builtin directory where libatf-sh.subr is located. Should not be overridden other than for testing purposes. ATF_SHELL Path to the system shell to be used in the generated scripts. Scripts must not rely on this variable being set to select a specific interpreter. EXAMPLES
Scripts using atf-sh(3) should start with: #! /usr/bin/env atf-sh Alternatively, if you want to explicitly choose a shell interpreter, you cannot rely on env(1) to find atf-sh. Instead, you have to hardcode the path to atf-sh in the script and then use the -s option afterwards as a single parameter: #! /path/to/bin/atf-sh -s/bin/bash ENVIRONMENT
ATF_SHELL Path to the system shell to be used in the generated scripts. SEE ALSO
atf-sh(3) BSD
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