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grep the string with the line number

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting grep the string with the line number
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Old 12-01-2007
Question grep the string with the line number

Dear Masters,
Here i have some doubts can anyone clarify?.

Is it possible to grep the lines by specifying the line numbers.

I know the line number which i want to grep.
grep 40th line filename
grep 50th line filename

Need ur comments.

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Old 12-01-2007
To print the 40th line:

sed '40q;d' file

awk 'NR==40 {print;exit}'

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Old 12-01-2007
You can use nawk 'NR==40' filename to grab particular line
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Old 12-01-2007

Dear all,
Thanks a lot.Smilie
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Old 12-04-2007
MySQL hey

you gotta love help you get in here...these folks are freekin awesome!

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