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FTP Cron Issue

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Old 11-26-2007
FTP Cron Issue

I have an automated FTP script that is giving me grief. The script runs a ftp sweep for one of our accounts. It gets about 90 files then hangs. When i run ftp manually from cli everything runs great and I pickup the thousands of files waiting.

I used to run lftp, but it has been behaving even worse. Here is a snipet from my shell script that runs the automated pickup.

#/usr/local/bin/lftp -d -f $SESSION_CMDS

# this way works from CLI, but stops short when in this script
ftp -f -d -i -n $SERVER <<END_SCRIPT
mget *

I've run this on both FreeBSD 6.2 and Gentoo 2007.0. Both with the same results. Termination and loop back to trying to login again after 90 files or so, but then I get the User already logged in message.

I thought maybe this was firewall related, but since I can run ftp from bash and have no problems, I'm lost.

Please if anyone knows any special voodoo, I would greatly appreciate it Smilie Does FTP have a file limit (count or size) running from cron? If anyone can help and you need more info please let me know. THANKS!
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Old 11-26-2007
Have you thought of using $HOME/.netrc for the username and password?
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Old 11-26-2007
good pointer. I should have used .netrc file for my cron job. But I don't think this will help with my problem. Its almost like there is a file limit on count or size when running via cron. but i'm not sure thats true either, just what I'm observing.
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Old 11-26-2007
1. are you setting the current directory?

2. can you get any output from ulimit?

     limit, ulimit, unlimit - set or get limitations on the  sys-
     tem resources available to the current shell and its descen-

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Old 11-26-2007
1. Yes I'm setting the current dir ($WORKING_DIR)

# change the working directory and print it
echo "Chaning to FTP download directory: "
echo ""

# Start output for ftp session
echo "FTP Session:"

# Call LFTP and pass in the commands as a parameter
#/usr/local/bin/lftp -d -f $SESSION_CMDS
#lftp -d -f $SESSION_CMDS
ftp -d -i -n $SERVER <<END_SCRIPT
mget *

# Put in newlines for next entry
echo " "
echo " "

# Terminate the program
exit 0

2. ulimit = unlimited
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Old 11-27-2007
Maybe this doesn't answer Your question, but have You considered trying to use wget or curl or some other powerful "getter"?
wget ftp://${USERNAME}:${PASSWORD}@${SERVER}/*
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Old 11-27-2007
More suggestion rather than solution ...
The USERNAME & PASSWORD should be hidden in an environment file and run at the start of the script. Just a thought.

ftp -inv ${CFS_DNS} <${FTP_BATCH} >${FTP_LOG}

Would humbly suggest:
a) Create an actual batchjob ($FTP_BATCH)
b) drop the `quote user` for `user`

Don't know what OS your using, `-d` isn't used on HP-UX 11.23.


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