Using find command with awk or basename

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Old 11-05-2007
Using find command with awk or basename

I am using the following command to extract any log files that are older than 3 days using the following command.

find DIR/LOGDIR -type f -mtime +3 |grep LOG > log_list.out
The results are

How do inculde (basename or awk ??) to extract just the file name instead of the complete directory like in log_list.out file.

Thanks all.
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Old 11-05-2007
You can do something like that :
find DIR/LOGDIR -type f -mtime +3 -name '*LOG*' | sed 's_.*/__'  > log_list.out

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Old 11-05-2007

Thanks again..
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Old 11-05-2007
You could also do this:

find DIR/LOGDIR -type f -mtime +3 -name '*LOG*' -exec basename {} \;

but this runs "basename" for each file. The "sed" command above is probably several hundred milliseconds faster. Smilie
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Old 11-05-2007
if you have GNU find

find /path -type f -mtime +3 -name '*LOG*'  -printf "%f\n"

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