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Old 11-02-2007
Create two line from single line in shell

I wanted crate two lines by parsing one lin by exracting certian fields

I have record line somthing like below (Origanal line before Parsing)


Field discription :
DF - FirstField (Character Position 1 to 2)
02000 - Second Field (Characters position 3 to 7)
XX third Field (Characters position 8 to 9)
YYYY Fourth Field (Characters position 10 to 13)
00200.89 fifth Field (Characters position 14 to 21)
ZZ sixth Field (Characters position 22 to 23)
PPPP seventh Field (Characters position 24 to 27)
00800 eightth Field (Characters position 28 to 32)

I wanted to create two new line by parsing above line (each line having again 7 fields)
1st line should loolk line
DF - First Field (Same as that of origanal iine)
01200 - Second Field ( This is Difference between 2ndfiled and 8th Field of origanla line)

All other should be populated with 0's

2nd Line should look like

DF - First Field (Same as that of origanal iine)
00800 - Second Field ( This is same as that of the 8th Field of Origanal line)
XX - thrid field same as that of origanal line
YYYY - fourth field Same as that of the origanal line
00200.89 - Fifth field same as that of orignal line
All other fields should be zeros

If you still some clarification .. I will write back.
Thanks for all your help.

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Old 11-02-2007
nawk -f uni.awk myFile

function setFieldsByWidth(   i,n,start,copyd0) {
  # Licensed under GPL Peter S Tillier, 2003
  # NB corrupts $0
  copyd0 = $0                             # make copy of $0 to work on
  if (length(FIELDWIDTHS) == 0) {
    print "You need to set the width of the fields that you require" | stderr
    print "in the variable FIELDWIDTHS (NB: Upper case!)" | stderr

  if (!match(FIELDWIDTHS,/^[0-9 ]+$/)) {
    print "The variable FIELDWIDTHS must contain digits, separated" | stderr
    print "by spaces." | stderr

  n = split(FIELDWIDTHS,FWS)

  if (n == 1) {
    print "Warning: FIELDWIDTHS contains only one field width." | stderr
    print "Attempting to continue." | stderr

  start = 1
  for (i=1; i <= n; i++) {
    $i = substr(copyd0,start,FWS[i])
    start = start + FWS[i]

#I then call setFieldsByWidth() in my main awk code as follows:

  FIELDWIDTHS="2 5 2 4 8 2 4 5" # for example
  stderr="cat 1>&2"
!/^[  ]*$/ {
  saveDollarZero = $0 # if you want it later
  formatF2= "%0" FWS[2] "d"
  formatREST= "%0" length(saveDollarZero) - FWS[1] - FWS[2] "d" "\n"
  # now we can manipulate $0, NF and $1 .. $NF as we wish
  $2=sprintf(formatF2, $2 - $8)
  printf("%s", $1 $2)
  printf(formatREST, 0)
  # second line
  $2=sprintf(formatF2, $8)
  printf("%s", $1 $2 $3 $4 $5)
  formatREST= "%0" length(saveDollarZero) - FWS[1] - FWS[2] - FWS[3] - FWS[4] - FWS[5] "d" "\n"
  printf(formatREST, 0)

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Old 11-03-2007
Thanks this helps a lot

Thanks for your reply.
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