syntax issue in ksh file

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Old 10-30-2007
syntax issue in ksh file

Hi all,

I am struck with syntax for long time,
Need to purge some lines from given file
Not able to use value of $x

Example of ksh script...
Facing some syntax issue.
Have Tried ‘with single , double ,backtick “” ` and \ escape character , doesn't seem to work.

<line 1> echo $x # $x substituted by 45 in previous part of ksh file
<line 2> sed -e '1,$(x)d' < $REPORTPATH > REPORT_FINAL # report (temporary input and output files)

For example $x= 45
need to delete first 45 lines .

throws exception of parsing error for the above line 2
if used $x
but without any substitution of $x and use directly 45 instead of $x , works the problem is with some special character which i aint able o figure out.

sed -e '1,45d' < $REPORTPATH > REPORT_FINAL

let me know what syntax to be followed. To use it for $x
For variable that has been derived its value programmatically.

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Old 10-30-2007
Try :
sed -e "1,${x}d" < $REPORTPATH > REPORT_FINAL # report (temporary input and output files)

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Old 10-30-2007
tats great , thanks a lot!!!

some tips to remember syntax!!!
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