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Old 10-19-2007
SQL Data with Spaces into Arrays


Simple thing has been driving me nuts. I have used the following code is ksh scripts to get data from Oracle table and then display it, allowing user to select one of the data options returned...

REP_DATA=`sqlplus -s ${WMSDB} <<EOF

#get data into array
set -A temp_arr ${REP_DATA};

#for each entry in the array, launch a process
while [ $x -lt ${#temp_arr[*]} ]
# extract the name and process flag status from the array
echo "$x\t${temp_arr[x]}";
let x=x+1;

echo "Select the Activity you are working on: \c"
read ACT_ID

Normally this stuff is fine but now I have the problem that the ACTIVITY_NAME field has spaces in...

101 Badminton
202 Sailing
203 Abseiling and Climbing
301 Painting, Drawing and Sketching

So the set -A command ends up in an array of...

I tried to wrap the ACTIVITY_NAME using double quotes (i.e. SELECT ACTIVITY_ID, '"' || ACTIVITY_NAME || '"') in the SQL in the hope that UNIX would treat it as one string but it didn;t work.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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