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Old 10-17-2007
Data spaces in filenames, for do

Hi All,

I see similar problems in past threads but so far no answers have worked for me. I am trying to write a script which parses a txt file that contains one filename per line, then finds those files on the local disk and copies them to a specified directory.

What I have:

sed 's/.*/"&"/' filename.txt > /tmp/files
PAT=`more /tmp/files`
for fname in $PAT
find / -name "$fname" -type f -print >> /tmp/found
CP=`more /tmp/found`
for fname in $CP
cp -v "$fname" dest_dir
rm -f /tmp/found /tmp/files

Sed parses the file and adds quotes around the filenames (/tmp/files looks fine), but if I echo "$fname" instead of the find command I can see that it breaks up the filenames into separate lines. So if I have "filename1" and "filename 2" it returns:


How can I get it to parse correctly? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Old 10-17-2007
while read N
     cp "$N" "$dest_dir"
done <filenames.txt

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Old 10-17-2007
Originally Posted by porter
while read N
     cp "$N" "$dest_dir"
done <filenames.txt

Thanks for the reply, yes, that works when returning the list, but I need to find the files listed in the filesystem, then copy them from thier found locations to the destdir.

Using your suggestion I tried:

sed 's/.*/"&"/' filenames.txt > /tmp/files
while read N
find / -name "$N" -type f -print >> /tmp/found
done < /tmp/files

But the /tmp/found file is empty Smilie

I get the proper list if I replace the find command with echo "$N"...Smilie
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Old 10-17-2007
That is what

cp "$N" "$dest_dir"

was doing.

If you need to prefix a directory path to the source then do so.

cp "$src_dir/$N" "$dest_dir"

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Old 10-17-2007
That's the problem, I don't know the $src_dir, I need to search the filesystem to find the full paths. The files are spread all over the place, hence the find command.
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