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AWK problem

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Old 02-06-2002
AWK problem

im working on this file with awk and i need to input some number say 1 to 5 e.g
but only after my command from awk.

ive outputted the id from my file but cant get 1 to 5 listed this way

Thankyou for your help in advanced

Can anyone help

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Old 02-06-2002
Can you give more information? What's in the file? Are you writing a script? (if so, in what shell?) What's the OS and version?

If you are trying to input manually from a script, check the man page on the read command.

If you are trying to get those numbers into a file echo "1" >> filename ; echo "2" >> filename...(check man page on a loop function like for or while)
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Old 02-06-2002
basically i have a file with test result from an experiment each test has 5 results and they each have different properties that i want outputted on the same line.

The thing is i can output the experiment ids ok


but cant get the 5 results underneath each id.

Im using unix and am writing the script in a bourne shell.
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Old 02-06-2002
You will need to post the script (or the portions dealing with the problem).
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Old 02-06-2002
5 Staff doing 5 experiments im going to obtain the average for each member of staff

96000222 id
01 10
02 10
03 10
04 6
05 8
06 8
average = ?
96000124 id
01 8
02 11
03 2
04 0
05 0
06 0
average = ?
96000321 id
01 0
02 5
03 4
04 6
05 4
06 14
average = ?
96000123 id
01 10
02 2
03 2
04 9
05 8
06 5
average = ?

The end result i would like would be their name followed by an average mark

staff1 average_mark
staff2 average_mark
staff3 average_mark
staff4 average_mark
staff5 average_mark

sorry for the confusion hope this helpsSmilie
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Old 02-06-2002
So where is the script?

(Does this seem like a course problem to any of you? I get the feeling someone is wanting me to write their script for them.)
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Old 02-07-2002
I think possibly so... If the poster has a script, and posts it looking for someone to help troubleshoot, I would, but I wouldn't post example code in this case, unless it was very general.

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