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perl script help

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Old 10-13-2007
Java perl script help

I am new to perl and trying to write script which will check the indentation/formatting/case etc for oracle/ PL-SQL scripts. For this purpose, I am writing a script that reads the PL-SQL script line by line. As follows:

open(DATAFILE, "< sample_spec.pks");
while ($line = <DATAFILE>)
if ($rawdatas !~ /--/)

But the per script should work in such a way that it will do the check_some_operation ONLY for uncommented lines.

This is working fine for the comments which has been given using '--' as comment line. However I am not being able to filter the comment part which has been given using /* */ for several lines as follows :

/* some comment
some more comment
some more comment */

Note that the linecount variable should return the exact value of total number of lines including comment part.

Please can you advise?
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Old 10-13-2007
This is not very robust, but should be along the lines of what you are doing.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use v5.8.0;

my $test = <<EOF;
-- This is comment
/* Hello
   This should be ignored
   and also this line */

my $linecount = 0;
my $ignoreLine = 0;
open(FILE, '<', \$test);
while ($line = <FILE>) {
	next if ($line =~ /^--/);
	if ($line =~ /^\/\*/) {
		$ignoreLine = 1;
	} elsif ($line =~ /\*\//) {
		$ignoreLine = 0;
	next if ($ignoreLine);
	print $line;

print "Lines = $linecount\n";

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