Weird Ascii characters in file names

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Old 10-07-2007
Weird Ascii characters in file names

I have files in my OS that has weird file names with not-conventional ascii characters.
I would like to run them but I can't refer them.
I know the ascii # of the problematic characters.

I can't change their name since it belongs to a 3rd party program... but I want to run it.

is there anything like :
./procc"/45" ?
doesn't work for me.

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Old 10-07-2007
Here, I have two files with control characters in the filename
$ ls
???.sh  ????.sh

I can force printing these characters with ls -b
$ ls -b
\002\004\           \006\004\023\

To execute such a file, do something along the lines of this:
# find the inode number for the file in question
$ ls -b1i
2773900 \002\004\
2773910 \006\004\023\
# we want to execute the first script
# use find to performing the execution (assuming the file is in the current directory)
$ find . -inum 2773900 -exec ./{} \;

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Old 10-07-2007
Another way would be to create a hard or symbolic link with a more "friendly" name to these files and simply use the link to execute the files.
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